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Summer 2017 Travel Tips

Travel with a pillow Down travel pillows are compact and super comfy to lay your head on especially in hard airline seats.  They may also be used alone or on top of a hotel pillow for extra softness.
Get some rest Silk eye masks help block out the light so your body thinks it is time to sleep and protects sensitive eyes from the drying airplane air.
Hydrate the skin Lavender hand cream is wonderful to keep your hands and feet hydrated and the lavender essential oil encourages relaxation.

 Manage germs In the room or on the plane the Elizabeth W. Lavender Pillow Spray can be used as a sleep aid and help to manage germs.   Lavender essential oil may be used on a handkerchief or cotton ball to soothe your nerves, and aid in sleep.
Pack a small plastic spray bottle and on arrival to your room dispense a few drops of Tea Tree oil into the spray bottle and add water.  Spray and wipe anywhere you wish to clean. Tea tree is a natural disinfectant that kills germs but is safe for your health. …

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