Wednesday, 30 July 2014

August Sale by Fino Lino


August Sale

By Fino Lino

Please visit us for our Annual August sale and enjoy a 20% - 50%
off on selected items in stock.

St. Geneve Down and Linens - 20% off in stock and special orders.
All sales are final.

*From Fri, August 1st ~ Tues, September 2nd.

Store hours:
Tues., through Fri., 10am - 6pm
Sat., 10am - 5:30pm
Closed Sundays and Mondays

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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Summer linen

 Line drying your linens in a fragrant garden is among the most pleasurable experiences of the summer months

Linen bedding for the summer months is a natural choice. It feels cool and crisp, is very breathable, and presents a European savoir-faire to home decor. Ironed or gently wrinkled they envelop you in a luxurious cocoon. Woven linen jacquards in neutral tones play up texture and visual depth whilst ensuring a comfortable nights sleep. Many are produced without colorants and harsh chemicals, utilizing more natural sustainable production methods. 
Linen fabrics are very long wearing, naturally stain resistant and become softer as they age.  Simply washing gently then hanging to dry produces a crisper matte finish whereby five minutes in the dryer and a hot steam iron gives a smoother softer finish. 
Linen bedding and lounge wear.
Play on the texture against a natural Linen slipcovered headboard.
Apple green Linen jacquard bedding.
Spectacular raspberry linen throw, with jacquard bedding.
Soft blues have been very popular this season in linen.
Linen tablecloth adds charm to summer table dressing.
Crisp Linen towels in the powder room give a fresh feel.
A perfect time to make use of grandmother's Linen collection.
Natural Linen hand towels.
Linen tablecloths and towels from Italy great for layering.
Linen tissue box with lavender insert.
Sheer Linen panels give a cool ethereal feel to home decor. and
are easily exchanged for winter weight
Mix up the textures and colour for visual drama.

Linen bedding may be used all year around, just add layers for cooler weather bed dressing.
Gorgeous layers for winter bed dressing.
   Weaving silk yarn into Linen fabric adds sheen and provides an excellent sleeping layer in the summer. The coverlet shown may be layered over a duvet or blanket in the winter months.

Silk and Linen woven jacquard looks more formal but adapts well to a casual bed dressing style.

White shams with a natural linen border give a clean contrast.

Linen accessories are perfect for sunny rooms and are less prone to fading.

Keeping the bed styling more simple gives a more contemporary look to the bed and the desirable matte finish works well in simple decor.

Winter layering with an Etro wool throw. Textured monochromatic tones have broad appeal for summer sleeping environments.

Glorious woven jacquard Linen shams.

If we may answer questions about choosing Linen bedding and accessories, please call us at 604 736 1828 or visit our showroom at 2715 Arbutus Street at 11th. in Vancouver.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

July Sale by Fino Lino


July Sale

By Fino Lino


Please visit us for our July sale and enjoy a 10% discount on all of our regular priced merchandise in stock.

*From Wed. July 2nd. to Thurs. July 31st.

Store hours:
Tues., through Fri., 10am - 6pm
Sat., 10am - 5:30pm
Closed Sundays,  Mondays and Statutory holidays
We are very excited to share our newly launched e-commerce site.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Luxuriate in cool bed linens for Summer

Redressing the bed for summer sleeping is one of my favourite household chores. It isn't just a matter of lighter, brighter colours but the weight of the bed linens plays a significant role in achieving comfort.

Elda bed linens by Sferra 100% Egyptian Cotton Voile.
Made in Italy
The geometric pattern suits a wide range of design tastes
* Voile is a soft, sheer fabric, made of 1oo% Egyptian cotton.. The term comes from the  French,  meaning veil.

Voile bedding on display at Fino Lino

We have chosen Voile for its light sensuous gossamer quality, reminiscent of warm summer evenings in European hotels. They covet Voile for its relief from hot weather and marvelous drape.  Recently the interest has bloomed in North America by savvy bed dressers when considering warm weather suitability and comfort.  Voile has been mostly available in solid colours until recently when Sferra demonstrated forward thinking by designing a geometric patterned Voile which will suit most tastes. I have just dressed my own bed in the Sage duvet cover and shams and love the light, sensuous feel and the design. As the weather gets warmer a Silk-filled duvet would enhance the feel and comfort on humid nights.
Have a glorious summer. Cheers, Lauren


If you wish to bring more style and comfort to your sleeping environment, please visit or call; 
Fino Lino
2715 Arbutus St.
604 736 1828


Saturday, 7 June 2014

Linen Fabrics

Our work with textiles at Fino Lino exposes us to a plethora of fabrics to enhance our lives and create beauty and comfort.  The product selection reflects our passion and commitment for speciality woven jacquards.  Historical documents show that linen is the oldest woven textile in existence and evidence of flax plants being grown dates back to the fifth millennium BCE in Egypt.  The Egyptians grew flax along the Nile River and spun linen fabric for practical purposes such as burial, preservation and fine cloth bandages.  They referred to linen as the "gift of the Nile".

Flax takes about a hundred days to grow from seed to mature plant with a height of sixty centimeters to a metre.  It is harvested when the plants are in bloom as better fibre can be produced from young plants.

Flax plants in bloom.

Linen fabric is made from cellulose fibres of the flax plant stalk and are from 15-100 cm long. The stalks are tied into bundles and dried in the sun, then coarse combed to remove the seeds, retted in water (a controlled form of rotting) and dried.  Lastly they are scutched, which separates the fibre from the stalk, and spun into yarn. Linen production is a relatively low tech process which is better for the environment and more sustainable.

Five steps to make Linen Yarn

Image by Heather Ross on Pinterest

The use of linen in home decor dates back to the fourteenth century when the chambers of Pope John XXII were draped with linen imported from Italy.  France, Belgium, Austria and Ireland are known for high quality fibre and flax is also grown in Eastern Europe and Canada.  Today much of our finest quality linen originates from Europe by members of the 'Masters of Linen", who define the quality, growing practices and production.

Embroidered Linen drapery panel at Fino Lino

Linen drapery panels from Fino Lino

Linen is as beautiful worn next to the skin as it is in home decor. The name "lingerie" derives from the Latin name for the flax plant and "Belgium" is the ancient Celtic word for flax - "belc'h".  Ancient Greeks and Romans wore tunics made of linen in the summer months to keep them cool and comfortable.  In the middle ages linen became a clothing staple; as trade routes expanded to bring flax production to Europe, the Near East and the Americas, it became very fashionable and among the most sought after fabrics for clothing, bed, bath, table top and home decor.

Linen nightwear from Fino Lino

Irish linen sheets are coveted by many and will provide comfort and beauty for many years. There are many heirloom linens that have survived for years and are treasured momentos of the past.

Classic Irish Linen sheets

Our linen loving clientele also covet linen towels for the bath, powder room and kitchen.  They are prized for their smooth texture, strength and easy stain removal.
Linen towels are naturally anti-microbial and resist mildew and mold making them an excellent choice for humid bathrooms.  They are also light and more absorbent than cotton, making them especially suitable for drying hair.

Hand towels from Anichini with drawn threadwork.

Linen and cotton towels from Leitner

Linen fabrics are woven up to 120" wide and are produced in the most proficient mills of Italy and Austria.  These extraordinary fabrics make it very simple to create beautiful bed covers, duvets and draperies with one cut of fabric.  The finished goods are considered most desirable without seams, giving a dimension of longevity and beauty.  Pattern matching is never difficult and the amount of yardage is much less than with narrow good fabrics. Linen naturally possesses slight irregularities known as slubs which are appreciated by those who are fond of it's indigenous qualities.


Leitner wide-good fabrics
Our most creative and diverse mill "Leitner" of Austria, has been producing woven linen textiles since 1853. Their speciality is cultivating the flax and weaving linen jacquards made of pure linen and linen/cotton blends.  Their abundant array of designs is available in a range of colour ways and offers great ease in choosing co-ordinates.  The fabric is woven from yarn-dyed fibre making the dye-lots extremely consistent and colour-fast.  Linen fabric is an excellent choice for draperies, soft furnishing, bedding and tabletop.  Linen may be used with confidence in bright sunlit rooms because of the strength of the base fibre, which is the strongest fibre used by man.  Many of our designers and clients order ready made bed linens and choose a co-ordinate fabric for draperies and other furnishings.

Linen coverlet and pillow from Fino Lino

Fino Lino also has an extraordinary collection of luxurious linen tablecloths and napkins in solids and woven jacquards; favouring small mill production with Pardi and Siletti of Italy and Jacquard Francais from France.  Customization is easily done for unusually sized, extra long and round tables.

Table linens and tea towels by Jacquard Francais

Linens by Pardi at Fino Lino

Personalization of the design and monogramming is easily accommodated.

Fino Lino also represents numerous other companies that specialize in linen fabric and would be delighted to present these extraordinary fabrics during your visit to Fino Lino.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Bed and Linen Sizes for North America

Bed sizes and bedding specifications have become more complex as the pursuit of a comfortable sleep environment increases. Hopefully we spend at least one third of our lives in our most private domain and our aim at Fino Lino is to help you have a more restful sleep. We are passionate about creating the most comfortable bed and take great pride in sharing our product knowledge, design skills and bedding specifications.

Mattress depths usually range between 8" and 20".  It is a matter of opinion whether the comfort factor  increases as the mattress becomes larger. Design aesthetic may also influence the personal determination of comfort. Feeling comfortable and enjoying how the bed looks are all important in the decision making process.

The Italianate bed style is becoming more popular with a low profile platform or frame and an 8" mattress, whereas traditionalists may prefer a frame with a high profile mattress depth of 12" to 18". We are even now working with mattresses of a 20" depth. When a mattress is at the opposite extremes of 8" or 20" the mattress protector, fitted sheets and duvets often have to be customized to ensure a desirable fit.

 Low profile bed by Nordic bliss

High profile bed by Fino Lino

The average specification of depth or overhang in luxury bedding  is 15" to 17",  although super-sizes are available. Fino Lino is able to customise the size and we are adept at working with unusual specifications. Many of our fabrics are 118"- 120" wide allowing the construction of luxury bedding without seams,  increasing comfort and longevity.

Before choosing bedding for your home take a moment to record your specifications; the width, length and depth of your mattress is essential.  Also the measurement from the top of the box spring to the floor will be helpful if you wish to use a bed skirt.
This will allow the process to be more pleasurable and certainly will save time!!!

***  Before dressing your bed with your new bedding ensure that they fit and that the package contains what you expected.  Bedding that has been laundered is non-returnable.

A. Mattress Width
B. Mattress Length
C. Mattress Depth
D. Box-spring Depth
E. From Top of Box-spring to Floor (for Bed skirt)

Mattress sizes
Twin/single                                39" x 75"
Twin extra-long                         39" x 80"
Double/full                                 54" x 75"
Queen                                        60" x 80"
Eastern King                             76" x 80"
King with 2 twin mattresses       78" x 80"
California King                          72" x 84"
Crib                                          28" x 52"


Fitted sheets and Mattress Protector.
Take the depth of the mattress and add 3" to 5" for a secure tuck-in. Our bedding specialists have knowledge of the approximate shrinkage of the material and will be pleased to advise.

Fitted Sheets

Twin                                    39" x 75" x 15"
Double/Full                          54" x 75" x 15"
Queen                                 60" x 80" x 15"
King                                    76" x 80" x 15"
King                                    78" x 80" x 15" older style
Cal King                              72" x 84" x 15"
Crib                                     28" x 52"
Super Queen                       60" x 80" x 20" fits up to 17" mattress
Super King                          78" x 80"x 20"   fits up to 17" mattress
* Industry average for luxury bedding is 17"depth

Mattress Pads

Twin                                      39" x 75"
Twin extra-long                      39" x 80"
Double/Full                            54" x 75"
Queen                                   60" x 80"
King                                      76" x 80"
King                                      78" x 80 older style
Cal King                                72" x 84"
Depths are 16" and 24"

Quilted mattress pad

Sheet turn-back should be approximately the same length as the duvet cover.
Flat sheets
Twin                      70" x 106"
Double/full             84" x 106"
Queen                   94" x 110"
High profile queen 96" x 116"
King                     106" x 110"
High profile king   114"x 116"

Pillows Soft/medium/firm fills
Regular            20" x 26"
Standard          20" x 28"
Queen             20" x 30"
King                20" x 36"
Euro                25" x 25"
Grande Euro   31" x 31" 

Body Pillows
Twin                        20" x 39"
Double/full               20" x 54"
Queen                     20" x 60"
King                        20" x 76"

Pillowcases  American style        Pillowcases with continental fold
Standard/Queen      22" x 33"                 22" x 30"
Queen                     22" x 36"                 22" x 32"
King                         22" x 42"                 22" x 36"

Shams (inside measurement may vary from supplier and shrinkage of the fabric)
Standard     21" x 27"
Queen         21" x 31"
King            21" x 37"
Euro            26" x 26"

Duvets Ultralight/ Classic/ Winter weight - made from down
Twin                     72" x 88"
Double                 use queen
Queen                  90" x 94"
Super Queen       100" x 100"
King                     106" x 94"
 Super King          114" x 100"

                                                        Krystyna duvet by Fino Lino

Feather/Down Mattress Pads (Sits on top of the mattress)
Twin                    39"x75"
Twin extra long    39" x80"
Double                54"x75"
Queen                 60"x80"
King                    78"x80"
Cal king               72"x84"

Duvet Covers
Twin                           72"x86"
Double                        80"x84"
Queen                         90"x92"
Hi-profile queen           98"x96"
King                            108"x92"
High profile king          116"x96"
Super king                   114"x98"
Cal king                       100x96"

Twin                         74"x94"
Double/Full              88"x94"
Queen                      94"x98"
High profile queen    100"x102"
King                         108"x 98"
High profile king       114"x102"

Twin                        80"x110"
Double                    96"x110"
Queen                    102"x116"
King                        120"x116"

Decorative Pillows
Boudoir               12"x16"
Square                16"x16"/ 18"x18"/ 20"x20"
Fino Favourite     18"x26"
Neck roll              7"x14"
Euro                    25"x25" 26"x 26"
Grande Euro        31"x 31"
Twin Bolster         9"x39"
Double Bolster     9"x54"
Queen Bolster      9"x60"
King Bolster          9"x76"

* all measurements are approximate and may vary with suppliers.
Please check with your Fino Lino bedding specialist for more information.
604 736 1828
2715 Arbutus St. Vancouver B.C. V6J 3Y5