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Holiday Cheer with the Fino Lino Team

It is the season of celebration and extending gratitude to those who make a
difference in our life.We are so thankful for our wonderful Fino Lino team who work endlessly to provide excellent customer service and share their boundless creativity and loyalty. 
Our annual holiday party is a time to slow down a little to reflect on our good fortune.  We raise a glass of champagne to each other and wish for peace, love and harmony for our co-workers, family and friends of Fino Lino.
Our store manager Gaelle with Lauren the owner of Fino Lino.  We thank Gaelle for her unlimited patience, grace and bountiful product knowledge. She keeps us organized and focused throughout the very busy year.
Terri, Lena, Gina and Lauren toasting the holiday season.

Our amazing team, Terri, Lauren, Lena, Gaelle, Valeska and Tracy.

Tracy and Lauren; Tracy is our outstanding Interior Designer and Art Consultant whose deeply rooted passion for design reflects in every aspect of her work. Lauren, Terri, Gaelle and Tracy…

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