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Natural and Organic Bedding

Whether you suffer from allergies and sensitivities or want to have a positive impact on the environment (or both!) we have curated a selection of long lasting luxury quality products to suit your needs. Visit us in store so we can help you rest easy knowing both you and the earth are healthier for these choices.HEFEL
Fino Lino has chosen to carry Hefel's Tencel duvets and mattress protectors as a natural alternative for those wanting to avoid products made with animal materials both for ethical and allergenic reasons.

Not only is Tencel a non-animal product but it is also recognized
as an earth friendly material in a number of different ways.

Hefel sources the wood used to make Tencel from sustainably managed forests in Europe.Growing and producing Tencel uses10-20 times less water than cotton.Hefel’s production of Tencel has won the company the European Eco-Label and the European Award for the Environment.

Tencel absorbs 50% more moisture than cotton and disperses it into the surrou…

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