Saturday, 4 February 2012

Bellocq Tea

Finding delicious and fragrant teas and speciality tea salons has been a constant pursuit in life since I was in my teens.  I have always loved the time honoured event of coming together with friends and family to enjoy the tradition of tea drinking.  Tea helps me to understand different cultures and their traditions; experiencing this marvellous bounty that mother earth shares with us and sharing in those traditions is a humbling experience that brings inspiration and joy to our lives.

Tea is restorative and uplifting, a mysterious pleasure which is an affordable luxury.  Our preference being artisanal, fine full leaf tea which is fragrant, visually delectable and brews to perfection.  During a recent visit to New York and our usual shopping trip to Bergdorf, I was introduced to a range of artisan teas of a wonderful quality, fragrant and flavourful called "Bellocq" and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was blended and packaged in Brooklyn New York.  It was favourably displayed next to the prestigious Mariage Freres tea of France which gave a meaningful impression of what to expect.  Later at the New York Gift Show we were fortunate to meet the creators of Bellocq Tea.

Window of Bergdorf image by Sariah Tambre

Being a speciality linen and design showroom I wondered how our customers would respond to presenting a line of tea.  We introduced our new treasure and "voila", it has added a new dimension to our collection and much delight to the afternoon tea that brings our staff together every day.  Our tea loving customers welcomed it and loved that it is organic and has a good range of interesting Blends and Pure Teas.  The handsome packaging is eye-catching in the Bellocq Yellow Box and the silver plate Connoisseur Caddies.

Bellocq tea at Fino Lino

Bellocq Tea has exceeded all our wishes in quality, fragrance and flavour.  The Signature Blends are delightful and reminiscent of walking in far away gardens and forests collecting the local bounty that bestows our palates with such pleasure. 
This morning I discovered an anise pod in the "White Wolf Blend", simply remarkable!

Bellocq tea is the inspiration of some very savvy tea drinkers from New York whose lifelong passion and multitude of skills led them to produce their own artisanal tea.  The combined talents and passion of the founders Heidi Johannsen Stewart, Michael Shannon and Scott Stewart arrive after many years of working for such innovative companies as Martha Stewart and Anthropologie. This being the consummate expression of their passion and acquired knowledge. 


My personal favourites are The Queens Guard, White Wolf and Etoile de l'Inde.

"Inspired by classic English gardens, The Queens Guard is a fragrant blend of Organic Ceylon black teas, stately rose and summer fresh lavender. Well balanced, elegant with honeyed nuanced floral finish. The Queens Guard is the perfect tea to enjoy with a slice of cake in the afternoon."               

My husband is very particular about tea and also loves "White Wolf" made from organic Pai Mutan Tea (white tea), star anise, spearmint, vanilla bean and cornflowers.

"Etoile de l'Inde.  An intoxicating tropical blend of organic Chinese green and Jasmine teas enveloped within a voluptuous haze of rose passion fruit, lush rose and marigold. Evocative of late afternoon rain showers and the fever experienced with the rush of young love. Fragrant and passionate it is one of our most romantic and requested blends". Bellocq Tea.

I often create my own blend not being able to decide which to choose. The flavour changes depending
on which part of the blend is selected from the tin. Most of the teas allow 2-3 pour-throughs proving to be economical as well.

The creators of Bellocq Tea

Please join us to learn more about Bellocq tea and start enjoying these evocative artisan teas.

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  1. Fabulous selection of tea! Etoile De L'inde is one of my favourite blends! A delightful blend of organic dragonwell tea and Jasmine Siler Needles white tea, rose petals and cornflowers. It is uplifting and aromatic.