Saturday, 27 October 2012

Washing Instructions - Flannel

Laundry Instructions for Flannel Sheets

With the cold weather at our doors, it is time to return to the comfort and warmth of Flannel sheets. Here is a little information about the manufacturing of flannel to help you keep your bedding as soft and smooth as possible. When flannel is made, a combing process is used to raise the nap of the cotton and create a fleecy feel. This process creates a layer of loose cotton. Before you use your bedding, it is important to wash this loose cotton away,  in as much water as possible (largest load that you have on your machine), with a small amount of mild liquid soap (such as Ivory Liquid Soap, Linen Wash or SDH. Fine Linen Wash.) When the articles come from the washer, shake them well before putting into the dryer, giving each sheet as much room as possible to tumble dry. If you have a smaller dryer, consider drying one piece at a time. Your aim is to allow the cotton fluff to gather in your lint trap whilst not settling back on your clean fabric. You will probably have to clean out the lint trap at least once during the drying process. After this first wash, you should be able to put more pieces in each load, but it is always recommended that you allow your flannel to tumble freely in your washer and dryer.

If you can follow this process, your Flannel will serve you well, and it will stay soft and comfortable for many years.


Flannel by SDH. 

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